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The purpose of the enrichment period is to give students a chance for additional help from teachers, chances to support their social emotional growth, and an opportunity to develop autonomy, time management and executive functioning skills. Manage attendance and keep track of student participation.


  • A student just scans their ID on any desktop connected to a barcode scanner, or automatically using our low-cost kiosk.
  • Optionally, a user can be prompted to select the reason for their visit.
  • An audible cue will let them know their scan has been accepted.
  • Reports are auto-generated to better inform how the service was used and aggregate the number of visitors.
scanalist desktop

Scanalist has come a long way since its inception as a digital attendance tool for situations where traditional student rosters were unavailable. Now, it's a comprehensive solution that can transform the way your intervention and MTSS teams operate.


  • Summarize a student's engagement in various social-emotional and tutoring services.
  • Monitor historical course grades, course rigor, GPA, and attendance.
  • Synthesize club and enrichment participation data.
  • Access parent contact information.
  • Efficiently schedule meetings and log participation.
  • Easily send one-click prepopulated emails or invites.
  • Organize students by interventionist, case manager, or service provider.
  • Streamline intervention logging.
Grad Recorder

Everyone who is tasked with announcing graduate names is worried of mispronouncing the names of their esteemed graduates. It has happened to all of us as we look down on the student's name card and cannot decipher the correct pronunciation. The larger the school, the more likely this will happen. Let's try to eliminate some of the guesswork. How about we have the graduate call a phone number and be prompted to enter their student ID and then record their first and last name which will allow the announcer to wear a Bluetooth earpiece and hear the proper pronunciation of the graduate's name ahead of reading their name aloud.


  • School simply imports their list of graduates and shares the phone number for students to call to access Grad Recorder
  • Students populate their name pronunciation by phone
  • Name pronunciation is accessible via mobile-friendly site
  • Student names can be heard discretely during the graduation ceremony via a bluetooth earpiece

Purchup is the complete tool to administer student fees and collection of money in schools. With its accurate reporting tool, keeping track of accounts and purchases can be completed in seconds.


  • Online invoicing and payment
  • 80% reduction in the workload of collecting money
  • Transactions are searchable
  • Historical reports by date span
  • eTickets
  • Point-and-click fee generator
  • Turbo checkout
  • Multi-level user access

Lookup was developed to provide school administrators, counselors, deans, intervention specialists, clerks and others customized access to everyday tasks. With 1 or 2 clicks, a user can interact with a student's list of teachers, schedule events by bell schedule, and identify patterns pertinent to the efficient operation of a school.


  • Dynamic bell schedule
  • Single-click, pre-populated emails
  • Observation scheduler
  • Accessible parent info
  • Point-and-click AP exam fee generator
  • Customized lists
  • Actionable at-risk report
  • Department summary
  • Fast

Mobile ID can be kept up to date more efficiently, and can also be used as a communication tool to send out school-wide or grade specific messages. Use it for the following:


  • Directory to interact with teachers and staff
  • School maps
  • Easy-access to calendar events
  • Voting or surveys
  • Admittance to a paid event
  • Sharing linked resources
Mobile ID

LockerPort assists a school in assigning student lockers during homeroom and sends the preset combination via text message to students.


  • Track locker partners and locations
  • Send locker combination via SMS
  • Hide combination to all users except assigned student
  • Assign combination series by cycle
  • Pre-populate locker locations by division
  • Access historical reports
Lesson Tune Logo

Useful for primary grades or church school, Lesson Tune allows a user to easily import music with lyrics and align a script to a lesson. No need to fumble through multiple resources as Lesson Tune aligns your script, props, and music on a single screen.


  • Add/edit/change order of script
  • Lesson specific tune playlists
  • Always-on function eliminates screens going to sleep
  • Single-screen lesson delivery
  • Printable lesson and lyric pages
  • Mobile friendly
Lesson Tune Main

Testimonials--What Our Schools Say

"The many tools created have been nothing short of incredible. They have streamlined many processes, boosted productivity and provided a user friendly experience that everyone appreciates. The impact on our efficiency and overall performance has been remarkable."

Rickey F. Harris, Principal of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

"Our school would not be one of the top schools in the country, if we were not able to use tools such as Lookup, Mobile ID, and Purchup. These tools improved our ability to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders - most importantly our students!"

Joyce K, Former Principal at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

"My primary use for Lookup is to keep track of faculty and staff absences, field trips, conferences, substitute coverage and classroom availability. I honestly don't know how I'd function without Lookup."

Rabashia W, Payroll Clerk at Whitney Young Magnet High School

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OfficePort is a suite of administrative tools designed to help schools manage various tasks efficiently, including student tracking, event management, and more.

Yes, we provide customized solutions and will collaborate with you to streamline processes and create an effective solution.

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